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Mt. SAC XC Invite Elementary & Middle School Division

  • All athletes entered must officially represent the school they attend.
  • Only a school official (coach, administrator) may register their schools team/individual through NO unattached or individual entries accepted.
  • Pre-authorization of a credit card will be required to unlock registration.
  • A school official (coach, administrator) must accompany the team / individual to the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational. 

Contact the Mt. SAC Special Events Office at

Registration for the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational will be on


  • Existing teams on
    1. Add the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational (Elementary/Middle School) to your calendar (you can use search to find it)
    2. Register your athletes for the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational from your team roster
  • Creating a new team on
    1. Create a free coach account on
    2. Add meets to your season calendar
    3. Enter team roster
    4. Register athletes 

All schools must first pre-authorize a credit card to begin the registration process. The card will not be charged until the entry deadline of Sunday, October 2nd. On that date, the credit card will be charged the full fees for all entries online.

Entry Fees
  • $20 for a single athlete per gender level
  • $40 for two athletes per gender level
  • $60 for a team of 3 or more athletes per gender level
  • $450 maximum fee per school ($225 for a single-sex school)

Refund Policy
This meet will be run regardless of weather. There will be no refunds if your team does not show on meet day.

Payment Policy
All team registration fees will be charged to the registered credit card on file at the close of registration on Sunday, October 2nd. Entry fees are non-refundable. 

If you would like to pay by SCHOOL/DISTRICT CHECK (no personal checks), the check for the ENTIRE AMOUNT DUE must be RECEIVED in the Mt. SAC Athletic Special Events Office by Friday, September 30th, otherwise the credit card on file will be charged the ENTIRE entry fee. 

Please make checks payable to:
Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational

Please put in the check notes:
Name of the school(s) the entry fee check is for

Please submit payment to:
Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational Registration
1100 N Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789


Please see the PROBLEM REGISTRATION TENT Staff in order to:

  • Put a registered runner into another race.
  • Add a new (unregistered) runner from your team into a race your team is entered in.
  • Make name corrections.
  • Replace a lost bib number.


The following parameters will be enforced when adding or substituting runners:

  1. Your team MUST already be entered into the race you would like to move a runner into. You cannot add into race your team is not entered in.
  2. The runner must be ELIGIBLE to run in that race you would like he / she to change to.
    1. Example: An 8th grader cannot run in a 6th grade race. 


If the above parameters are met, we will place your athlete(s) into that race with the following charges (Cash-Only):

$5 - Name correction (we didn't type in their name. 🙂 )

$5 - Adding new runner on your team into a race your team is already entered in, reusing an unused bib number from a runner who will not compete.  

$10 - Adding a new runner on your team into a race your team is already entered in, using a new bib.

$10 - Replace a lost bib.


Competition Levels & Schedule

  • Varsity - 7 runners maximum - 2.0 mile course
  • 8th Grade - Unlimited entries - 2.0 mile course
  • 7th Grade - Unlimited entries - 2.0 mile course
  • 6th Grade - Unlimited entries - 2.0 mile course
  • 5th Grade - Unlimited entries - 1.2 mile course
  • 3rd/4th Grade - Unlimited entries - 0.8 mile course

6th, 7th and 8th grade level races will be divided into two races for each grade level and gender. The races are divided by a number of factors including school enrollment and/or number of runners entered. 

There is only one race per gender for the 5th grade and one race per gender for the combined 3rd and 4th grade race.

  1. 8th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 2:00pm
  2. 8th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 2:10pm
  3. 8th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 2:25pm
  4. 8th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 2:35pm
  5. 7th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 2:50pm
  6. 7th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 3:00pm
  7. 7th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 3:15pm
  8. 7th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 3:25pm
  9. Varsity Boys = 6th, 7th & 8th Combined (2.0M) - 3:40pm
  10. Varsity Girls = 6th, 7th & 8th Combined (2.0M) - 3:50pm
  11. 6th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 4:05pm
  12. 6th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 4:15pm
  13. 6th Grade Boys (2.0M) - 4:30pm
  14. 6th Grade Girls (2.0M) - 4:40pm
  15. 5th Grade Boys (1.2M) - 5:15pm
  16. 5th Grade Girls (1.2M) - 5:25pm
  17. 3rd/4th Grade Boys (0.8M) - 5:40pm
  18. 3rd/4th Grade Girls (0.8M) - 5:50pm


For each GRADE LEVEL (3rd/4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) race, the following will be awarded:

  • Race Winner
    • Special Award (TBA)
  • Top 15 individuals
    • Medals
  • Top 3 Teams
    • Team Award
    • Medals (7)

For the VARSITY race the following will be awarded:

  • Race Winner
    • Special Award (TBA)
  • Top 15 Individuals
    • Medal
  • Winning Team
    • Team Award
    • Medals (7)
    • Nike backpacks (8)
  • 2nd & 3rd Place Team
    • Team Award
    • Medals (7)

Team Info, Getting to the Starting Line, Course Info & Schedule

  • Schools will pick up their team packets at the “Packet Pick-Up” window in the north entrance into Hilmer Lodge Stadium at Stadium Gate 1. The packet will contain Athlete Bib Numbers, coaches tickets and other important information. Coaches must distribute bibs and coaches tickets PRIOR to entering the stadium.
  • Athletes must present their bib number to enter stadium.
  • Coaches must use their coaches ticket to enter (quantity determined by number of levels a team entered).
  • It is IMPERATIVE that athletes RUN WITH THE BIB NUMBER THEY WERE ASSIGNED (please carefully review entry list in Team Packet)! If a runner runs without the appropriate bib, that runner will be removed from the results and will be disqualified from team scoring. Each bib number contains a RFID Tag on the back.  Please handle bibs with care.

  • Team Camps may be set up either in the grass field south of the stadium scoreboard or on the lower level of the Champions Parking Structure (no tents needed in parking structure – it is completely covered).
  • Team camps are not allowed in ANY other areas including stadium, stadium infield or practice track area.
  • Please share with your parents the approximate area you will setting up your team camp. The #1 question asked each year of spectators is “Do you know where (school) has their team camp?”

  • All warm-up should be done on the practice track (Flex Field).
  • There is no warm-up permitted on the track inside the stadium.
  • There is no warm-up permitted on the course.

  • All athletes MUST report to the Clerk-of-the-Course at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their race.
  • The Clerk is located inside the warm-up track area
    • Please see map in team packet
  • When reporting all athletes should be ready to run with their Bib Number pinned to the front of their shirt / jersey.

  • Start Line is located on the "Airstrip" (Bonita Road).
  • All runners will be escorted to the start line after checking in at the Clerk-of-the-Course.
  • All schools will receive one spot on the start line.
    • All other athletes will line-up, single file, behind the first athlete.
  • Please assign your athletes a starting order prior to entering the Clerk-of-the-Course 
  • All runners should be warned to be careful at the start and to keep ample distance between their teammates (in front and behind).

2.0, 1.2 and 0.8 mile course maps
3.0 Course Map Video


In order to protect the health and well-being of our participants, the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational reserves the right to:

  • Remove distressed runners from a race
  • Change the running course
  • Shorten race distances
  • Cancel races

We reserve these rights, without monetary refund to teams, spectators, etc. 

Please understand that these incidents happen due to:

  • Acts of God (temperature, wind, fire, rain, etc.)
  • Strain on the local Emergency Medical System (EMS)*  

*This happens when coaches, athletes and parents put a strain on the EMS system by calling 911 for non-life threatening emergencies at the Cross Country Course. 

The Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational employs well-trained medical personnel with an on-site ambulance as a precaution. Unless it is a life threatening emergency, we ask that you seek medical help by informing our staff (with radios) or speak with our medical staff.

Parking, Spectators & Other Facility Info

$10 Parking Charge for ALL vehicles
No parking charge for school buses or marked school vans.

Due to construction and the thousands of people in attendance at the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational, we ask that you please plan your departure / arrival time accordingly. We recommend adding at least 30 minutes to your travel time in order to park and enter the main entrance.

  • All Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational parking will be in Lot F (North of Temple Ave.) and Lot H (if Lot F is filled).
  • NO PARKING IS ALLOWED South of Temple Avenue (Champion and Gateway Lots are closed for XC Invite parking due to construction).
  • Bus Drop Off - Bus Map to be posted in the near future
  • Teams arriving in school vans and / or personal vehicles will park in Lot F (if space is available).
  • Vans may also use the Lot F Drop Off area then park in an available lot.

Due to construction and the nature of cross country running, individuals with mobility and health issues are cautioned that attending the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational will place a physical burden on these individuals. Those attending may be subject to:

  • Long walking distances
  • Elevation changes
  • Uneven and unstable surfaces (if entering the course areas)
  • Unhealthful air conditions (dust)

Due to construction and spectator safety, there is no “Drop Off” zone near the course.

All spectators must park in Lot F or any other lot North of Temple Avenue, walk through the Stadium Tunnel and enter through the stadium front gate to gain access to the course areas (starting line, course, finish line).

We highly recommend that those attending are in good physical health, wear comfortable shoes / attire and drink plenty of fluids.


Parking Fee:  $10
Spectator Fees:

  • Adults (12 years or older) – $10
  • Seniors  (55 years or older) – $5
  • Students (with Student ID$5
  • Children (12 years or younger) – $5

CIF-SS and CIF State passes are accepted for admission. 
League, school and other passes are not accepted for admission.

As with any meet of this size, there are going to be times when restrooms are in great demand. Please plan ahead. There are numerous permanent restroom facilities throughout the stadium and a limited amount of portable restrooms in other areas. Restroom facilities nearest to the stadium entrance are usually the least crowded.

We HIGHLY recommend that you bring your own toilet paper, because...  Although the facilities are well stocked to start with and restocked, the TOILET PAPER GREMLIN always seems to reappear each year, stealing endless rolls of papers from our restroom facilities!

The Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational employs well-trained medical personnel with an on-site ambulance as a precaution.  

  • Medical help will be located throughout the course with a main medical station located near the south end of  building 754 (behind the scoreboard).  
  • Please seek out Mt. SAC Staff Members (who have radio communication with the medical staff) if you have a medical emergency.
  • Please understand that not all medical needs are the same. We employ a triage system where life threatening emergencies take precedence over minor cuts and bruises.


Unless it is a life threatening emergency, please seek out our medical staff. Calling 911 for minor medical issues places a burden on the local EMS System and could lead to meet cancellation. Our medical staff can handle most medical issues and will contact EMS if a call is warranted.

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