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Mt. SAC XC Invite High School Division

  • The Mt. SAC Invitational is a NFHS and CIF Sanctioned Event.
  • All athletes entered must officially represent the school they attend
  • Only a school official (coach, administrator) may register their schools team/individual through NO unattached or individual entries accepted.
  • Pre-authorization of a credit card will be required to unlock registration.
  • A school official (coach, administrator) must accompany the team/individual to the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational. 

Contact Tim O'Rourke:

All schools must first pre-authorize a credit card to begin the registration process. The card will not be charged until the entry deadline of Sunday, October 9. On that date, the credit card will be charged the full fees for all entries online.

Entry Fees
  • $20 for a single athlete in a single level
  • $40 for two athletes in a single level
  • $60 for a team of 3 or more athletes in a single level
  • $450 maximum fee per school ($225 for a single-sex school)

Refund Policy
This meet will be run regardless of weather. There will be no refunds if your team does not show on meet day for any reason.

All team registration fees will be finalized and non-refundable at the close of registration on Sunday, October 9.

In order to switch a runner to another race without seeing the Problem Registration Staff, the following parameters and directions must be followed:

  1. Your team MUST already be entered into the race you would like to move a runner into. You cannot add into race your team is not entered in.
  2. The runner must be ELIGIBLE to run in that race you would like he/she to change to. Example: A sophomore cannot run in a Frosh Race. 
  3. The runner must already be registered and have a Bib Number assigned to them.

If the previous parameters are met, you can place your athlete(s) into that race. No additional action is required on your part. You do not need to notify us as the bib information for that specific athlete is already included in the system and your team is already entered in that race.

In order to add a new athlete that has not been registered you must visit the Problem Registration Staff. 

  1. A late entry will only be allowed if your team is already registered in the race you wish to register the late entrant in. We will not add your team to any new levels (Varsity, JV, Soph or Frosh) on race day.
  2. Please bring your team confirmation sheet and any unused bibs to the Problem Registration Staff.
  3. A $5 (cash-only) fee will be assessed using an unused bib from your team packet, which will be reassigned to your late entry.
  4. A $10 (cash-only) fee will be assessed if we have to assign a new bib to your late entry.

Information for coaches including meet schedule, final information, etc. will be posted on this website as the Invitational nears. Please add the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational to your team's calendar, to receive email updates and information.

Contact Tim O'Rourke:

Competition Levels & Divisions

  • Varsity - 7 runners maximum
  • Junior Varsity - 10 runners maximum
    • School must register a minimum of 7 Varsity runners before any runners may be entered in the JV division
  • Sophomore - 10 runners maximum
  • Freshman - 10 runners maximum

ℹ️ Sweepstakes Entries: Please view Sweepstakes Info links below for information on how to apply, who is accepted, and how additional entries are permitted.

CIF Southern Section Schools
All CIF-SS schools MUST enter in the division they have been placed by the CIF-SS office for the 2022 season.

  • D1 2501 and above
  • D2 2500 - 2061
  • D3 2060 - 1521
  • D4 1520 - 601
  • D5 – 600 and below


California Schools Outside the CIF-Southern Section
California schools outside of the Southern Section have two options:
1) Schools may enter in the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational in the division they have been placed for this current season by THEIR CIF Section Office.


2) Schools may enter in the Mt. SAC Invitational based on the current CIF-SS enrollment numbers listed above.

Schools Outside California
Schools from outside California should enter the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational, based on their schools enrollment numbers, using the current CIF Southern Section parameters listed above.

If your school is from outside California and you wish to be placed in a division different than the parameters listed below, please contact the meet director (Tim O'Rourke:

Sweepstakes Info

The Team and Individual Sweepstakes Races bring together the very best teams and individuals on each day of the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational.

The Sweepstakes Races are scheduled to run at times that take advantage of optimum weather conditions, additional team and individual awards are presented, and there is more time allotted in the schedule to allow for the introductions of athletes and teams and to be highlighted during the races.

The Sweepstakes Races on Friday are for the schools in Division 3, 4 and 5, and on Saturday are for schools in Division 1 and 2.

There are two Sweepstakes Races each day: Team Sweepstakes and Individual Sweepstakes.

This is for schools that are very strong as a team. Schools that are currently ranked in the top ten in the state or the top ten in the Southern Section usually request to be placed in the Team Sweepstakes Race.

There are between 20 and 25 teams placed in the Team Sweepstakes Race.

If your school is currently ranked in the top ten in the Southern Section or in the top ten overall in your section or state, you are guaranteed to be accepted into the Sweepstakes Races if you request it.

This is for schools that have one or two outstanding runners but are not very strong as a team. Individuals that have a reasonable chance of placing in the top ten in the state championship or in the Southern Section Finals usually request placement in the Individual Sweepstakes Race.

We do not break up Varsity teams by placing one runner in the Individual Sweepstakes Race and the rest of the varsity in a regular varsity race. Even though your school may have only one or two outstanding runners, we still will place all seven of your varsity runners in the Individual Sweepstakes Race. All the schools entered in this race are in similar situations with a fast individual and other runners of lesser abilities, so there are always going to be other competitors for your slower runners to race.

There are usually more teams placed in this race since some schools, especially those from out of the region or state, only bring one or two runners to the compete.

You must specifically request to have your team or individual placed in a Sweepstakes Race when you register online. If you do not request to be placed in a Sweepstakes Race, you will not be placed in the race.

During the registration process in, you will have the opportunity to "check" a box requesting placement in Sweepstakes. There will also be an opportunity to submit a rationale in support of your request. You only need to submit your rationale one time. Teams accepted in a Varsity Sweepstakes teams will be notified on Tuesday, October 11.

These selected schools will receive an email informing them their 7 entered varsity athletes have been moved to the Varsity Sweepstakes Race.

These schools will also be allowed to submit unlimited entries in the Freshman, Sophomore and JV levels.

If your team is not placed in a Sweepstakes Race, it will be placed in a regular varsity race in your division and all of your other levels will be placed in regular level races.

There is a boys and girls Team Sweepstakes and Individual Sweepstakes Race offered on both Friday and Saturday. The Sweeps races on Friday are for teams in Division 3, 4, and 5, and on Saturday are for teams in Division 1 and 2.

Even though we combine schools in the Team Sweepstakes races, we give separate team awards in each Team Sweepstakes Race.

For example, on Friday there will be schools from Divisions 3, 4 and 5 in the Friday Team Sweepstakes Race. The individual medals will still be awarded as runners cross the finish line regardless of their division; however, we do increase the number of individual medals to the top 20 in this race.

For the team awards, following the race we separate the schools into their own divisions and give full team awards—the winning team receives backpacks, and the top three teams in each division receive plaques and the top seven individuals on each of the first three teams in each division receive medals.

In the Individual Sweeps, we increase the number of individual medals to the first 30 places; however, we do not separate the team awards into separate divisions. Only the top three teams, regardless of division, receive plaques and medals.

In attempt to make participation in the Invitational easier and less time consuming for all schools who are accepted into either the Team or Individual Sweepstakes Race, we place all your other levels (both boys and girls) into grade level races directly before your Varsity Sweepstakes Race.

In other words, if you have a single boy or girl or team accepted into a Sweepstakes Race, all your other level squads will be placed in grade level (Frosh, Soph and JV) races near the same time in the schedule.

Only schools accepted into a Sweepstakes Race will be permitted to run unlimited entries in the Frosh, Soph and JV level races—there is no additional entry fee required.

Team Information

Schools will pick up their team packets at the “Packet Pick-Up” window in the north entrance into Hilmer Lodge Stadium at Stadium Gate 1. The packet will contain Athlete Bib Numbers, coaches tickets and other important information. Coaches must distribute bibs and coaches tickets PRIOR to entering the stadium.

Athletes must present their bib number to enter stadium: It is IMPERATIVE that runners RUN WITH THE BIB NUMBER THEY WERE ASSIGNED! If a runner runs without the appropriate bib, that runner will be removed from the results and not counted in the team scoring. We no longer use CHIPS on the shoes. We now use the more efficient tag on the back of the bib, and there are no CHIPS to have to return.

Coaches must use their coaches ticket to enter (quantity determined by number of levels a team entered).

Team Camps may be set up either in the grass field south of the stadium scoreboard or on the lower level of the Champions Parking Structure (no tents needed in parking structure – it is completely covered).

Team camps are not allowed in ANY other areas including stadium, stadium infield or practice track area.

Please share with your parents the approximate area you will setting up your team camp. The #1 question asked each year of spectators is “Do you know where (school) has their team camp?”

This is the approximate time schedule for the 2022 Mt. SAC XC Invitational.

FINAL RACE SCHEDULE will be posted after registration closes and posted with race confirmations.

Divisions 3, 4 and 5 

Division 3

  • 10:00am to 12:00pm 

Divisions 4 & 5

  • 12:00pm to 4:30pm 

Sweepstakes (D3, D4 & D5)

  • 4:30pm to 6:00pm 
Divisions 1 & 2 

Division 1

  • 7:30am to 1:00pm 

Division 2

  • 3:00pm to 6:00pm 

Sweepstakes (D1 & D2)

  • 8:30am to 10:30am 

Heat Sheets with specific race numbers and the Final Schedule with specific start times will be published on our website: beginning Tuesday, October 18.

Please share that information with your athletes and their parents.

You will notice that race start times are quite specific (8:33am or 2:57pm)—that is done purposely because with three races going on the course at the same time, we must coordinate the start of each race.

Years of experience have taught us when we must start the next race before the leaders of the previous race get to the crossover, etc.

You will notice some races: for example, a girls varsity race will start 8 minutes after the previous race when it follows a boys varsity race; however, when a boys varsity race follows a girls varsity race, it starts 15 minutes after the previous race.

Our staff has worked very hard to set up a schedule that has every school in the meet running all its races within an approximate three-hour window.

  • All warm-up should be done on the practice track (Flex Field).
  • No warm-up permitted on the track inside the main stadium.
  • No warm-up permitted on the course.

All athletes MUST report to the Clerk-of-the-Course at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their race.

The Clerk is located along the west fence inside the warm-up track area.

  • Each school will receive one spot on the start line, with the rest of the team lining up single file behind the first runner.
  • Please instruct your athletes the order in which you want them to line up.
  • Runners should be instructed to keep their distance (front and behind) away from other runners at the start.  The runner they may trip up... might be their own teammate!

You can download the map of our traditional 3-mile high school course here (PDF).

Please print out several copies and distribute them to your athletes. On the day of the meet, there are as many as three races going on at the same time—there are athletes on all parts of the course, so no one is allowed to “jog” or “walk” the course on the day of the meet.

Also, when you download the map, it also shows where all the restrooms are located, where you can set up team camps, the new warm-up track, where your bus should drop off your team, etc.

In recent years, we have had a few coaches bring athletes that are in no way fit enough to handle this demanding course. There have been athletes walking in the first mile of the race—and that’s the flat section.

The Safety Gate policy was created to discreetly remove athletes from the course who are clearly not going to be able to handle the second half of the course—the more difficult section of the course.

The Safety Gate is located just where the athletes come down behind the stadium—at about 1.4 miles into the race. A location, where athletes can be discretely directed off the course and to their team camps.

The times that we use as cut-off marks are very generous. If a runner lacks the fitness to clear the halfway point of our course by this time of the season, we have to assume they lack the fitness necessary to safely compete in our "invitational".

Sometimes illness or injury hampers a runner’s ability to compete at their normal proficiency. We understand this situation but feel strongly that a runner in that situation should not be competing under those circumstances. Our charting and history indicate that runners who struggle in the first half of the race are usually the ones who struggle, collapse and can require emergency medical attention in the back half. Our goal is the safety of all runners. We care about every runner and this policy has greatly decreased our severe medical issues on race day.  

The safety of our participants is paramount.

Thank you.

Safety Gate: Cut-Off Times

  • Varsity boys 12:30
  • Non-Varsity boys 13:00
  • Varsity girls 13:50
  • Non-Varsity girls 14:00

Awards may be picked up in the area located on the practice field south of the scoreboard approximately 15 minutes after the conclusion of a race.

In regular Varsity, Sophomore and Freshman races, the top 15 individual finishers receive medals and the top seven runners on the first three teams receive medals.

Parking, Spectators & Other Facility Info

This is the approximate time schedule for the 2022 Mt. SAC XC Invitational.

FINAL RACE SCHEDULE will be posted after registration closes and posted with race confirmations.

Divisions 3, 4 and 5 

Division 3

  • 10:00am to 12:00pm 

Divisions 4 & 5

  • 12:00pm to 4:30pm 

Sweepstakes (D3, D4 & D5)

  • 4:30pm to 6:00pm 
Divisions 1 & 2 

Division 1

  • 7:30am to 1:00pm 

Division 2

  • 3:00pm to 6:00pm 

Sweepstakes (D1 & D2)

  • 8:30am to 10:30am

Due to construction, thousands of runners, hundreds of schools and thousands of spectators, please plan your departure/arrival  time accordingly.  We recommend adding at least 30 minutes to your travel time in order to park and enter the main entrance.

  • All Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational Parking will be in Lot F (North of Temple Ave) and Lot H (if Lot F is filled).
  • There is NO PARKING ALLOWED south of Temple Avenue (Champion and Gateway Lots are closed for XC Invite Parking due to construction).
  • Bus Drop Off - Bus Map posted in the near future
  • Teams arriving in school vans and/or personal vehicles will park in Lot F (if space is available).
  • Vans may also use the Lot F Drop Off area then park in an available lot.
$10 Parking Charge for ALL vehicles. No parking charge for school buses or marked school vans.

Due to construction, attendance numbers and the nature of cross country running, individuals with mobility and health issues are cautioned that attending the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational may be a physical burden on these individuals. Those attending are subject to walking long distances and may be subject to:

  • Elevation changes
  • Uneven and unstable surfaces (if entering the course areas).
  • Dusty conditions

Due to construction and spectator safety, there is no “Drop Off” zone near the course.

All spectators must park in Lot F or any other lot North of Temple Avenue, walk through the Stadium Tunnel and enter through the stadium front gate to gain access to the course areas (starting line, course, finish line).

We highly recommend that those attending are in good health, wear comfortable shoes/attire and drink plenty of fluids.


Parking Fee:  $10
Spectator Fees:

  • Adults (12 years or older) – $10
  • Seniors  (55 years or older) – $5
  • Students (with Student ID$5
  • Children (12 years or younger) – $5

CIF-SS and CIF State passes are accepted for admission. 
League, school and other passes are not accepted for admission.

As with any meet of this size, there are going to be times when restrooms are in great demand. Please plan ahead. There are numerous permanent restroom facilities throughout the stadium and few portable restrooms in other areas. The restroom facility located near the stadium entrance is usually the least crowded.

We HIGHLY recommend that you bring your own toilet paper.  Although the facilities are well stocked and restocked, the TOILET PAPER GREMLIN always seems to reappear each year, stealing endless rolls of papers from our restroom facilities!  

Medical help will be located on the practice field south of the scoreboard.

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