🏆 36th Jim Bush USATF SoCal Track & Field Championships – Saturday, June 3 @ Pomona College

Pole Vault 101

Estelle Naito

Thursday, March 25, 2021 @ 6:30pm PT

About the Session

This pole vault session will cover the background, fundamentals, drills and the "coach's eye". Although the pole vault is arguably one of the most complex disciplines in the sport, we will simplify it to build a solid foundation for all coaches.

About the Presenter

Estelle Naito is serving on the Cal State Fullerton track & field staff for her ninth season (2020-21) as the pole vault coach. Since 2009, Naito has coached for the Ultimate AC under the supervision of Tetsuo Hirota, the former Japanese national team coach and Coach Brian Yokoyama, the United States men’s & women’s pole vault national chairperson. Coach Naito also is a part of the National Pole Vault Summit staff and the World Record Camp / International Pole Vault Camp staff.

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